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Times: The Milford Concert Band rehearses on Monday nights from 7:15-9:30PM at the Fowler Building at 45 New Haven Ave., Milford, CT.  Please refer to our Band Calendar for current rehearsal information.

Music: It is each band member's responsibility to sign out your parts and make copies for your books within one week.  If you do not return the part the following week, you will be asked to leave rehearsal and not come back until you have it with you.  It is your responsibility to get your music from your stand partner if they are not going to be at a concert OR rehearsal. 

If you canít make rehearsal, please call or e-mail Personnel Manager or Conductor directly.  Please do not send word through your stand partner, family member, etc., as we may not get the information. 

Dress rehearsals are typically the last rehearsal before the concert.  Additionally, this is where any last minute changes will be imparted.  You Must Be Present If You Intend To Play The Concert.  If you cannot make this rehearsal, speak with Steve directly to determine whether you should play the concert or not.

You must notify the Personnel Manager or Conductor  in writing if you canít make a concert date.  If you do not notify us in writing and you miss the concert, please come to the next rehearsal with the intention of turning in your music.


(Please check our Band Calendar for the latest updates)



VFW Musical Salute to Veterans' Day

Full Formal



Holiday Concert

Full Formal

All other concerts TBA will be Band Casual unless otherwise noted.

It is your responsibility to get your music from your stand partner if they are not going to be at a concert OR rehearsal. 

Concert Attire
Band Casual:   Band logo polo shirts, black pants and shoes, no tie
Conductor: White short sleeved shirt, black necktie, black pants and shoes, white dinner jacket as occasion requires.

Patriotic Casual:  Solid red, white or blue shirt, no tie, black pants and shoes
Conductor: White Shirt, Red White and Blue necktie, Black pants and shoes

Patriotic Formal: Black pants, white shirt, black tie and red, white and blue ribbon pin for men;
Long black skirt, white blouse and red, white and blue ribbon pin for women
Conductor: Tuxedo (tails optional), Red white and blue pin (ribbon or flag)

Full formal:   Tuxedo with black bow tie for men 
White blouse with black jacket and long black skirt for women
Conductor:  Tails, White Shirt, White vest, White Bowtie (or seasonally appropriate)

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